Customized surf trips can average between $150-$250 per day depending on the accommodations selected, type of transport, meals included, optional activities included, surfboard rentals, and number of people. We highly recommend taking 8-10 days minimum for your trip, air travel days included. Although Costa Rica is a small country, it is very mountainous and traveling by vehicle can be time consuming, but extremely scenic. Therefore, we recommend regional surf trips if you are short on time. If desired, Sessions can book local charter flights from one location to another.


In order to make your trip that much easier for you, we will customize your trip package to include everything. However, some of the most unique experiences for our clients have been when they ventured out on their own- to eat a meal on their own, for example. We can include a guide and/or driver for your group upon request. Our surf guides are mostly Costa Rican’s with the exception of a couple outstanding surfers from abroad that travel to Costa Rica religiously each year to work with our surf trips and programs. All in all, they are each unique, friendly, well mannered, extremely knowledgeable of Costa Rica and its phenomenal breaks. The average surfer usually travels with his/her own board, however since airlines have cracked down on luggage limitations, please note that we have a large quiver of boards in different shapes and sizes for rent. Sessions can also set up other activities during your trip, like yoga, zip line canopy tour, sea kayaking, horseback riding, canyoning and much more.


Following are some example of our favorite local surf trips:


1. Join the Green Room – Perfect for the Surf Gang


  • Day 1 – Arrive at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose Costa Rica in the evening. Check in to hotel.
  • Day 2 – Travel to Dominical and warm up on some of the local breaks this afternoon. Sleep in Dominical.
  • Day 3 – Early bird session in Dominical. Head down to Pavones, after breakfast, just in time for an evening surf.
  • Day 4 – Surf Pavones
  • Day 5 – Test out some of the other local spots in Pavones.
  • Day 6 – Wonder what’s going on on the other side of the gulf? Catch a boat to Mata Palo and switch stance on this great right. Sleep in Matapalo
  • Day 7 – Surf Mata Palo
  • Day 8 – Final early surf session before heading back to San Jose – flight option available.
  • Day 9 – Fly home


2. Northern Pacific Waves in the Dry Tropics


  • Day 1 – Arrive at the Liberia International Airport in the evening. Transfer to your hotel near the world class right break at Playa Negra.
  • Day 2-3 Spend the next two days surfing Negra and other local breaks like Marbella or Little Hawaii at Avellanas.
  • Day 4-5 Head a farther south to surf the spots along Guiones/Nosara and some of the other local breaks.
  • Day 6 – Begin to head back north, stopping in Playa Grande for a session and prep for the grand finale of our surf adventure – Roca Bruja (Witches Rock) / Potrero Grande (Ollies Point).
  • Day 7 – Take a private boat (the Black Marlin) to Witches Rock and Ollies Point for a full day of surfing.
  • Day 8 – Transfer to airport in Liberia and fly home


3. Sabor y Sueños: The Ultimate Family Surf and Adventure Trip


  • Day 1 – Arrive at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose Costa Rica in the evening. Check in to hotel in the Central Valley.
  • Day 2 – Travel to the region of Santa Teresa, surf Playa Carmen.
  • Day 3  – Surf Santa Teresa and other local breaks.
  • Day 4 – Explore some of the nearby reef breaks to the north, or stick around and enjoy more of the fun breaks at Santa Teresa.
  • Day 5 – Early surf session in Santa Teresa, then transfer to the town of Arenal to bask in the hot springs of an active volcano and take on optional tours like canopy tour or canyoning tour.
  • Day 6 – Travel to the Southern Caribbean – Direct transfer or take advantage of some of the various optional adventure tours in the area or en route like Canopy tour, Canyoning Tour, or White Water Rafting.
  • Day 7 – Surf the local breaks in the Caribbean.
  • Day 8 – Enjoy a last morning surf session and transfer back to San Jose (Various optional tours available too before heading back to San Jose)
  • Day 9 – Fly home