Sessions Under the Sun is based in San Jose, right in the middle of Costa Rica, which means we can be in any location in less than 6 hours with all the gear necessary, like boards, rash guards, leashes, etc. to outfit your surf camp. Customarily clients request a general region to have a lesson and we will suggest a particular beach that we know is good for lessons depending on the levels of experience and where we won’t be a crowd for other surfers.

Our surf instructors are locals that speak perfect English and have tons of experience teaching all ages and genders. They are trained in open water rescue, carry valid CPR certifications, and have been trained to teach surf lessons following international safety measures and standards.

The lessons are customized according to the client´s needs, capabilities and time. Our quiver includes a wide range of GLS Foam Surf Boards, NSP Epoxies and a variety of fiber glass boards made by a local shaper all of different sizes. We also have many boogie boards to entertain those who are either waiting for a lesson or who simply want to try something different.

Surfcamp Lesson


For groups of more than 12 learners we would recommend 3 or 4 days of instruction. Each day the group receives four to six hours of lessons. This includes theoretical classes on the beach, and the practical lessons in the water. See below for the actual lesson details.

The first lesson on the first day, the group is divided up amongst four instructors. Each student has a forty five minute one on one session with the instructor so he/she can fully grasp the basics and so that the instructor can evaluate the student’s levels and abilities. Once this is determined, the instructors have an idea as to who may need more personal attention.

For the following days, we will drop instructors to two or three, depending on the client’s needs. One or two instructors will focus on lessons with the more challenged students, while another will focus on the mid to more advanced students.



  • Day 1. Basic intro to surfing, surfing in Costa Rica and oceanography; on the beach lesson will focus on positioning, paddling, balancing, pop-ups and timing; in the water lessons will begin catching whitewater waves with help of an instructor.


  • Day 2. On the beach review, the history of surfing, more oceanography; learning to catch a wave without assistance, paddling practices, more timing and learning to turn front side and backside.


  • Day 3. On the beach oceanography essentials, and surfing etiquette; in the water catching the face of waves and dropping in. Learning to read the waves, lefts and rights, with help of an instructor.