The Company

Sessions Under the Sun is an operative branch of the company Adventures Under the Sun.  Although we began with surf lessons for teenagers, today Sessions runs surf trips, sea kayaking trips and backpacking trips for private groups, families and groups of friends of all ages.

The Mission

Provide the highest quality of true adventure travel operations in Costa Rica.

Our Goal

To encourage others to revaluate their ideals, to appreciate the outdoors in its natural, undisturbed state while practicing silent open air sports, to further grasp the impact of our species on the Earth and thus create a better sense of community, .


By offering professional local expertise for the research, development, operations and logistical coordination of quiet open air adventure travel activities like surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding and back packing.


Scheduled Adventure Trips


Sessions offers Scheduled Adventure Trips for anyone wanting to explore unique destinations in Costa Rica on singular voyages.  These “rugged” adventures are designed to include some serious activity for those who want it, as well as easier alternatives for those wanting or needing them.  For example, on a sea kayaking trip, we will always have a gear boat following us that can provide assistance for any tired paddlers.  Accommodations can include four star hotels to deluxe camp grounds.  In either case we guarantee gourmet cuisine, delightful happy hours and lots of fun!   These trips are not tours and we do require that participants have a basic level of physical fitness, a willingness to step out of comfort zones, and a high level of mental preparation and excitement to join.


Please see Scheduled Trips on the main menu to learn more about the upcoming trips and to sign up!





If you are looking for someone who can help you put together a fun, enlightening adventure trip for your family or group of friends in Costa Rica with some surfing, sea kayaking, or other quiet open air sport included, you have come to the right place.


We will customize your trip according to your needs, take you anywhere you want to go, and provide you with a unique educational and cultural experience.Transportation to different destinations would be in a private van or mini bus (depending on group size), with driver or, if you prefer, you can drive yourself. Accommodations can include five star hotels, quaint bungalows, surf camps or even a unique beachfront campsite at an exclusive secret spot. We can include sea kayaks, surf boards, camping gear and much more. Depending on your trip we can provide as many guides/staff necessary to make your trip a true, worry free vacation. Our staff members are all young adventurous and bilingual locals, excited be your personal translators, coordinators, teachers, and hosts. Let us know what you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Outfitting for Adventure Travel Companies


Foreign travel companies looking to bring groups to Costa Rica for an adventure travel experience, community service and language program, an incredible surf camp, or a phenomenal sea kayaking trip, you’ve come to the right site. Sessions has done all the research and development you need to execute the ideal itinerary you company wants to market. Most importantly, we have many incredible unique locations to recommend, perfect for teenage or adult travel programs.


We have a large supply of gear to outfit a variety of activities including a large quiver of boards and kayaks varying in size, shape and material, all of which can be at your disposition. We can coordinate all transportation, hotels, meals, alternate activities or tours, and provide as many instructors or guides as you need, camping equipment and backpacking gear, and adventure gear and boogie boards. Our incredible safety record and over ten years of experience proves we know what we are doing!





Founded by Mélida Barbee, a well known adventure competitor within Costa Rica, Sessions Under the Sun offers vast experience, local knowledge, and hospitality to effectively run a smooth trip. Sessions offices are based in San José in the center of the country so that the bilingual/bicultural staff can constantly travel the land and seas to find the best most beautiful places to visit and explore. With over ten years of experience in adventures tourism in Costa Rica and abroad through Adventures Under the Sun and other adventure travel companies, Sessions offers an impeccable safety record and follows international safety standards.