Dear Friends:

Greetings fromCosta Rica!  My name is Mélida and I am the founder and director of Adventures Under the Sun/Aventuras Bajo el Sol, an adventure travel company created for teenagers in Costa Rica.  For ten years now, we have been running successful adventure travel trips and programs for teenagers living in Costa Rica, and abroad. Our goal has been to engage these young adults on personal growth experiences while introducing them to the spectacular wilderness areas that surround us.  Due to the awesome response from our clients we are interested in offering you our services as an outfitter for the groups you send to Costa Rica.

In my earlier years, I worked as an adventure guide and trip leader for various companies in the United States.¬† The incredible organization and overall standards of the industry were impressive; and the life-changing experiences inspired me.¬† ¬†Adventures Under the Sun (AUSun) was founded to create greater awareness of the outdoors in my homeland and encourage Costa Rican teens to ‚Äúexplore the outside‚ÄĚ under the best and safest standards.¬† Today AUSun is a small, thriving company with strong family values and environmental ethics and an impeccable safety record.

The young adults we originally targeted in Costa Rica came from urban areas, varying financial statuses, withdrawn from the outdoors, and confused values and ethics. ¬†Our outdoor programs were a very new concept for traditional Costa Rican families; however, parents gradually became more receptive to the wilderness, service and adventure travel programs we offered. ¬†They began to appreciate the personal growth stimulated while their kids ‚Äústepped out‚ÄĚ of their standard comfort zones. ¬†Gradually, through word of mouth from some of the international teachers at a few of the local schools, our doors opened to school groups abroad, and our services now include student group journeys as well. ¬†It is clear to me that the more students we can get out into the world for adventure and service programs, the more chances we have of conserving a better world for future generations.

As a local company in Costa Rica, AUSun knows well where the best locations are for surfing, sea kayaking, canopy tours, rafting and all the other great activities there are for teenagers. ¬†To support sustainable tourism and the national economy, we hire local staff and work with many local conservation and community service organizations, language and cultural immersion schools, and other Costa Rican organizations. ¬†As such, we offer our services as an outfitter to different teen adventure travel companies abroad that share our philosophy and ethics.¬† We have outfitted programs for Journey Mexico ‚Äď Student Journeys, Adventures Cross Country, Wilderness Ventures, Longacre Expeditions, Sidwell Friends, High Tec High, Waldorf Schools and many more.¬† When we outfit for anyone, your mission becomes our mission and Adventures Under the Sun works hard to satisfy all your goals and meet all your needs.¬† We consider ourselves one of the best outfitters for teen travel in Costa Rica because we focus exclusively on this market and therefore ensure international safety standards and policies.

Aside from planning and coordination, Adventures Under the Sun also has a variety of equipment in excellent conditions to offer including but not limited to surf boards, sea kayaks, tents, and camping gear, as well as over 30+ years of experience in Costa Rica with lifelong adventure connections to many regions all over the country.  We have the capability to run front country trips or back country adventures.  Our staff of experienced guides is all local, certified, and professionally trained.

This year, Adventures Under the Sun celebrates our 10th Year Anniversary.  We are also celebrating our recent recognition as an officially licensed travel agency by the Costa Rican Tourism Bureau.  Please consider Costa Rica as a possible destination for one of your programs, and Adventures Under the Sun for local assistance.  We would be delighted to assist you.  In a world that is becoming more global, we are interested in working with companies that share our philosophy so as to join together to educate the young minds of the future.


Warm regards,

Mélida L. Barbee

Founder and Director